No one is bound

no one is seeking liberation

Santmat- The Real Religion

Generally people think that Santmat is a religion or it's a group of devotees of any Guru. I also believe that Santmat is the only RELIGION. But I'm talking about the real religion which guides us, not about any community. We've plenty of communities in this world like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Zoroastrian, Jews, etc.

In Sanskrit we often use one word for religion i.e DHARMA. This word is the exact meaning of religion. DHARMA means everything which is acceptable for any individual (in good terms). Now we can easily see that the doctrine of any saint is to accept according to your need and that is real Dharma, the real Santmat. We have many sacred books of many religion and I believe that the doctrine of every book is to spread love. But unfortunately the preachers of different religion define these books according to the taste which suit them. This is the cause of controversy, now what is the reason behind this thought that Santmat is different from religion. No doubt that the founder of these religions were blessed souls and the true prophet but their disciples were not so intelligent as their Masters. They could not understand the message of their master. For example Buddha was the founder of Buddha Dharma. This was the most scientific religion of that time but Buddha's disciples couldn't understand the Dharma and ruined the whole meaning. That's why after Buddha's death the beautiful and logical religion disappeared. This happens with every religion.

But Santmat is related to Saint, a Saint who is beyond any so called religion. Love is the goal of Santmat. In every religion we can see a common thing that they are agree on one thought and that is love is the only way to reach the God. In this site I'll try to take most of Saint's views about Santmat.